Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapy

What is Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapy?


We are physiotherapists specially trained to work with children and adults with neurological conditions. Nicky Lebos has specialized in paediatrics. Basically any baby or child who has a neurological condition affecting their gross motor function and the way in which they move would benefit from NDT Physiotherapy eg Cerebral palsy.

There are many other instances where a baby or child would benefit from NDT physiotherapy.


These are some of the more common problems that parents seek out a physio for:

  • Delayed motor milestones, such as not sitting on time, not crawling properly, bum shuffling, not rolling both ways, not walking at the correct age.
  • At toddler level: tripping and falling a lot, clumsiness, a reluctance to climb, clamber and explore the environment
  • At pre school age: not sitting up in ring time, a tendency to lie down and play, W sitting, poor endurance, propping and leaning, complaining of being tired all the time, they often battle with kicking in swimming lessons
  • At primary school: school work may be slow, leaning and propping at the desk, poor fine motor skills, poor co-ordination, inability to balance, hop and skip like the other children.


A lot of these children have low muscle tone, which often presents with the above symptoms. These children benefit greatly from physiotherapy, which usually takes place on a weekly basis for an hour at a time. Children are very sensitive and aware of their abilities and inabilities and by intervening early on, the child’s self esteem remains intact and they do incredibly well with very little intervention.


What is MAES therapy?


MAES therapy is the latest technique available to therapists to analyze and treat children with Cerebral Palsy and other neurological disorders. Contact Nicky Lebos for more information on or 0834686444

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